Your Company Could be on This List.
The list of clients that HD Heaven’s Tony Quinsee-Jover has edited for reads like a who’s who in business today and includes the BBC, Land Rover, British Airways, Armor All, Avon, Black & Decker, Bryant Homes, Channels 3, 4, and 5, Continental Tyres, David Wilson Homes, Diagio, Emap, Guinness, Hammonds Furniture, HP Bulmer, Discovery and Freelander, London Taxis International, Lunn Poly, Maersk Air, Marconi, McCarthy & Stone, Noritsu, Numark, Ocean Finance, PEL, PPG, Progen, Rover75, Samsonite, Tandy and many many more.

Since starting HD Heaven, we have worked with ITV as well as numerous production companies and advertising agencies on commercials for clients as diverse as Taylor Made Conservatories to and many others, helping them to complete their television commercials to exacting specifications. During that time we have also edited many broadcast television programmes for BBC2, BBC3, Five TV, Channel 4 and international markets, notable among which are several series of Fifth Gear for North One Television as well as two Best of Fifth Gear programmes, Martin Brundle’s Supercars, The Gadget Show, The Victoria Cross for Valour, 100 Worst Britons for Hotbed Media, 100 Worst Pop Records, Digital Short Dramas, Pop Promos, Feature Films and other assorted programming.

Working with a diverse client base allows HD Heaven to stay fresh in our approach to each project, breathing new life on the footage brought to us. Whether your footage has already been shot, and needs editing, or you are still in pre-production, contact HD Heaven today to ensure that your next project gets that “HD Heaven-ly” treatment.