Money Kills

When producer/director Lee Murphy of new start-up Sheringham Studios needed their 80’s action adventure spoof “Money Kills” completing, he turned to HD Heaven to get the job done on time, on budget, and just as importantly, to the very highest standards. HD Heaven took the high-resolution unfinished master from Sheringham and used a number of tricks to cut the film up into over 1500 individual edits, enabling them to grade the film clip by clip.  As well as smoothing out the appearence between different camera angles, HD Heaven collaborated with Lee Murphy to give subtle stylized ‘looks’ to each scene throughout the movie.

Utilizing their extensive SFX (special effects) experience HD Heaven were also responsible for painting out unwanted ‘extras’ who were innocently out walking their dogs, removal of logos on the sides of large lorries, replacement of number plates and much more.  Tony Quinsee-Jover of HD Heaven said “The best effects are those that go completely un-noticed.  If you simply don’t realise that we’ve painted out a group of people in a distant field, then we’ve done our job well.”  Once the film was completed visually, the audio was laid in against the pictures and the finished product critically viewed on HD Heaven’s huge projector screen in Edit 1. Once approved, two copies were laid off onto HDCamSR at 1080 50i, and then using the Snell & Willcox Alchemist, HD Heaven were able to create an HDCAMSR 24P tape for blu-ray mastering.  The final stage of this project was for HD Heaven to create a (huge, and hugely complex) DCP file (DigitalCinemaPackage) for digital projection at the Apollo cinema premier on 10th May 2012.